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Feltham, Hounslow, London

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The site is located on the south-eastern edge of lower Feltham in the greater Hounslow area of west London. The site is generally level and was farmed under arable rotation. Feltham is a large town in the Hounslow borough of west London and is commuter belt for London as well as supporting the employment needs of Heathrow Airport, 2 miles to its north.

Our Planning Department Comments

Latest Planning Update

As stated previously, our site is being promoted to the Hounslow Local Plan Review within which our site falls under the "West of Borough" area. The review of the local plan is in response to the recently adopted London Plan and its increased housing targets for all the boroughs under its jurisdiction, including Hounslow resulting in a deficiency in housing delivery in the current local plans iteration.

Our site has been promoted throughout the review of the local plan including initial hearings held in November 2021 as well as a call for sites in April of this year. It was anticipated that hte next round of hearings, the Post-Regulation Submissions, was due to be held in Q2 2023 but these were moved forward to earlier in November 2022, and represnetations were made on behalf of our site.

Additional hearings will need to be held and, whilst not yet scheduled, it is expected that these will now take place in Q2 2023 as opposed to hte end of 2023 as originally anticipated.