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Our latest strategic land investment site is adjacent to the settlement boundary of Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. On successful allocation of the site for residential use, it is projected that the plot owners will enjoy in excess of 350% net returns over a seven year period.

The site consists of low grade agricultural land which is adjacent to existing residential development in Burnham-on-Sea. The site is strategically placed on the eastern edge of the town with direct access from the town's main distributor road. It is in a sustainable location, being well located to the town's main supermakets, health care facilities, schools and employment areas, therefore making it a suitable location for an urban extension.

Our Planning Department Comments

Latest Planning Update

North Somerset Local Plan is undergoing a review due to its deficiency in meeting its housing supply, in particular with regards to its unmet cross boundary housing and we have been promoting our site during the course of this review including the submission of a settlement wide growth masterplan that includes our site. We continue to wait for the next step in the review process which is scheduled for end 2022 and early 2023.

Alongside this, Government has approved plans to coalesce Somerset’s 5 councils into one single unitary council including Sedgemoor. This will take effect in April 2023 and will provide us with the opportunity to promote our site as well as the above-mentioned masterplan to the new planning authority.

Sedgemoor have also expressed an interest in utilizing the site for traffic alleviation measures to relieve tourism traffic to caravan sites in the north and we will continue to engage with the council in this regard.