Land to the South of Eversley Road, Yateley January 2019

Hart District Council's draft Local Plan continues through its submission stage and the examination period is set to commence. However, the two areas of concern identified and referred to in the previous planning update remain unaddressed by the Plan and it is expected that these will receive critical review by the Inspector.

Hart DC remain of the position which has identified reduced housing numbers needed and therefore may introduce an amended allocations strategy that will focus on large windfall sites. However, this position has historically been proven to be incorrect and the Inspector had indicated that he is not of agreement with this position. We remain very confident that, should our site be excluded based on this, we will success in having the decision reversed prior to adoption or at appeal thereafter.

The SANG issue also remains for all sites included within the plan and the council need to demonstrate how their plan will mitigate this. We have proposed a number of alternative SANG sites to compensate for ours and these will need to be assessed by the LPA.

We continue to: