Land to the East of Leigh Road, Holt January 2019

Wiltshire Council commenced preparation of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation DPD which will be designed to identify the sites within its area of responsibility for development. This plan has been submitted to the Planning Inspector mid 2018 and we await a timetable for the programme of hearings to take place however the Inspector did request consultations on several areas to take place which was completed by end November and the council are currently collating the responses.

The Housing Allocation document was drafted based on the Holt Neighbourhood Plan as adopted in 2016 but this has subsequently been found unsound due to the removal of the Tannery Site for development by the owners. This resulted in Holt not being able to meet its affordable Housing target and the need for a replacement site created. A new application for the Tannery site to be developed has since been made but this is for a mixture of development that will not be considered towards Holt's affordable housing contribution.

Moving forward, we continue to monitor the Housing Site Allocation DPD hearing programme as well as the Local Plan review process commencing. Alongside this the Tannery application will be monitored whilst we continue to promote our site as the only viable alternative site in Holt to meet the required affordable housing allocation the Neighbourhood plan needs to provide.