New Addington UPDATE

The Mayor of London reviewed housing figures in Feb 2014 and these have been questioned by a leading Planning Consultancy – Nathanial Lichfield and Partners in August who suggested even further provision is needed in the London area to stop the surrounding Home Counties having to shoulder the burden of London's Housing pressure. The Greater London Authority (GLA) put the actual need at between 49,000 and 62,000.

London has so far refused to consider building on its green belt and now there are strong pressures for the London councils to review their green belt. Surrounding councils are concerned that they may have to accept new homes – and revisions to their own green belts – over the next 10 years because of the capital's unwillingness to consider changes to its green belt.

An umbrella group of South East England Councils has called on the GLA to review the London green belt and do more to meet its housing need.

With this continuing pressure to provide new homes in the capital we are of the opinion that there will be a need to revise upwards housing targets and this will give us the opportunity to restate our case for the site.

A number of leading planning consultants in the London area have called upon the Mayor to commence a review of the green belt.