Datchet UPDATE

The Council are going through a process of reviewing the practicality of delivering the 23 sites identified for growth in their plan and therefore have delayed further consultation on a 2nd Preferred Options Consultation until at least June 2015.

We are writing to the Council through a legal representative setting out that this approach is flawed and it is the strategy that should be reviewed given that at least one major site is known to not be available during the plan period. We will also be lobbying locally and seeking a meeting at the Council to press our case. The council's lack of an objective assessment of Datchet as a sustainable location for growth is being questioned as well as the strategy for not looking at sites that did not flood. The lack of use of other sustainable criteria is to also be criticised.

This was an important factor that had not been assessed by the Council in setting out their 1st preferred options for development. The site was considered in the first round of proposals as a possible location for development, it was rejected not on Green Belt grounds but on the simple basis that they assumed it was high quality agricultural land.