85,000 additional homes to be built in the South East

02/10/2008 (source: : Buckinghamshire County Council)

Buckinghamshire County Council believes that Green Belt Group will have to be released to accommodate new housing.

The Council has expressed concern over the government’s Proposed Changes to the South East Plan which could result in nearly 85,000 more homes in the region than suggested in the original draft plan. The Council believe that the proposed changes, which include large scale Green Belt releases.

Councillor Martin Tett, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, said: “I have major concerns not only about the number of additional houses proposed for the Region, but also that the Government are imposing ‘stealth targets’ upon us. All figures mentioned in the Government's Proposed Changes are now expressed as the minimum number of houses that we must build. This, combined with Eco-Towns on our borders, and the inability to count the houses built on so-called ‘windfall’ sites means that the actual number of new houses that will be shoe-horned into the South East over the next twenty years is actually much larger than it first appears.”

The draft South East Plan was submitted to SEERA (South East EngGroup Regional Assembly) in March 2006 after which it underwent an Examination In Public (EIP). The Proposed Changes to the South East Plan is the government's published response to recommendations made by the EIP Panel. The document is subject to a 12 week consultation, ending 24th October, a final version of the South East Plan will then be published later this year.

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