Land to the South of Eversley Road, Yateley July 2018

Hart District Council's new Draft Local Plan continues through its submission stage with consultations being held through the course of summer 2018. This submission stage has identified two areas of concern that will need to be addressed. Firstly, Hart have reverted to their previous position that identifies reduced housing numbers and therefore there may be an amended allocations strategy that will focus on large development sites. Secondly, any development site within the area needs to make provision for additional SANG sites to mitigate the development.

  1. With respect to the reduced housing numbers, this is a position that has been previously held by Hart DC and has elicited reaction from the Planning Inspector that it is unlikely this will survive Examination by himself. Should this position result in our site being excluded at draft level, we are confident that at examination the site will be re included or any appeal to the Planning Inspector will be successful.
  2. A SANG site is a 'Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace' and is a planning requirement that has been influenced by European law. Essentially this means that, where a development will reduce natural greenspace for activities such as dog walking or similar, alternative sites will need to be identified as alternative sites for such activities. In some instances, this could be for specific environmental reasons such as the protection or rare species but, in the instance of Yateley, it is merely the protection of any activities that would have occurred on these sites.

In response to the above, we continue to promote the site through the submissions stage arguing against its possible removal as well as identifying nearby sites around Yateley that could be promoted as SANG sites to mitigate the loss through our allocation.