Land at Hoddern Farm, Peacehaven July 2018

We continue to promote our site as a viable site for development to both the local Lewes District Council as well as the South Downs National Park / East Hampshire. The SDNP local draft plan underwent draft submissions to the Secretary of State in March this year and the next round of examinations are timetabled for October where we will produce Examination Statements continuing the promotion of our site.

Given that our site falls within both the SDNP area of authority as well the Lewes District Council's planning region, the need for cross boundary developments within Peacehave has to be emphasised. This has been acknowledged by both authorities and there will be a review of the Core Strategy to deliver this in Peacehaven. With this in mind a review of the Spatial Policies will be undertaken by both Lewes DC and SDNP once they have completed their cross authority working on the matter.

Our next step will include: