Land lying on the East Side of Slough Road, Datchet July 2018

The RBWM Local Draft Plan has been undergoing public examination which commenced on 31 January 2018. In response to the feedback received, the Planning Inspector as appointed by the Secretary of State has elected to hold hearings in 2 stages to finalize her assessment or examination of the Draft Plan.

Stage 1 of these hearings were held on 26 - 28 June 2018 which were attended by ourselves to make the appropriate representations to maximize the potential of the site for allocation and to defend its designation within the Local Plan. Furthermore, any amendments to the masterplan are to be made along with submitting any supplementary evidence in response to any constraints that may have been raised through the public consultation phase. The issues that have been raised are historically well known and have been addressed to the council's satisfaction, hence our inclusion within their draft plan. These centre mainly around the flood risk mitigation and the M4 smart motorway works.

Stage 1 hearings were successfully completed, and we now await indication of the timings of stage 2 which are not yet forthcoming. Given the position of the draft plan and its advancement towards completion, we will be finalizing our decision whether to promote the site to Outline Planning within the next few weeks and formal confirmation of this will be distributed thereafter.