Bursledon Planning Milestone Achieved

Source: Hampshire County Structure Plan Review
Published: 11 May 2010

Below is an excerpt explaining the current Strategic Gap policy at Bursledon as addressed in the Hampshire County Structure Plan Review.

"While now superseded by the adopted Regional Spatial Strategy, the Hampshire County Structure Plan Review, identified two Strategic Gaps within Eastleigh Borough; one between Southampton and Eastleigh, and the second between Southampton and Bursledon, Hedge End and Netley. These Gaps were identified under Policy 2.CO of the adopted Eastleigh Borough Local Plan, with the Policy listed within those 'saved' in advance of adoption of the Core Strategy. These saved policies will however be reviewed as part of the formation of the Core Strategy and will be required to be in general conformity with the policies contained within the adopted RSS.

Following the Panel Report into the submitted RSS, the Secretary of State considered that the previous Draft South East Plan Gaps Policy should be deleted as it was not in accordance with national guidance in PPS7: Sustainable Development in Rural Areas. PPS7 advises, in Para 24, that local landscape designations may be too rigid and could restrict acceptable, sustainable development.

As part of the formation of the Core Strategy therefore, the Council will not be able to carry over its arbitrary Strategic Gaps policy."