RICS supports Government's position on planning

Source: www.rics.org
Published: 16 August 2011

RICS has welcomed the Government's draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) as a significant step forward in enabling the growth the UK requires.

RICS believes delivering sustainable economic growth is in everyone’s interest, whether it be badly needed employment or equally important affordable housing.

The existing planning system however well intentioned has failed to deliver the homes, infrastructure and jobs/investment that UK Plc needs as an urgent national priority.

The reforms proposed by Government to bring about a planning system which is more workable for the local community and more responsive to public need are therefore to be welcomed.

This concise outline of strategic national planning policy retains its focus on economic development but emphasises the need to achieve this in a sustainable way.

Businesses and other potential employers need the clarity and certainty which RICS believes the Government's draft NPPF provides. We also believe that the draft strikes the right balance in safeguarding the environment and promoting strong, vibrant and healthy communities.

The NPPF sets out clear and concise guidelines for local authorities to ensure that the English countryside is protected and improved. RICS believes this is a clear intention to protect the UK’s natural environment whilst seeking to encourage the sustainable development the UK needs.