London's strategic plan published

By: Roger Milne
Published: 28 July 2011

London Mayor Boris Johnson has published the revised London Plan, the capital's blueprint for the period up to 2031.

It forms part of the development plan for Greater London: London boroughs’ local plans need to be in general conformity with it, and its policies guide decisions on planning applications by councils and the Mayor.

The new Plan, which is clearer and more user-friendly than its predecessor, focuses on key areas for London’s development over the next two decades against a background of a growing city: economic development, tackling climate change and other environmental issues, housing and transport.

The Mayor has also announced an update to the London View Management Framework. Johnson wants to ensure that developers across the capital have all the information they need to implement the new policies on views in the London Plan.

The mayor said: "It is absolutely vital to the UK economy that we maintain and grow London's status as the world's leading business centre and ensure it is one of the best cities to live and work in. These objectives are fundamentally linked and we will not achieve one without the other. My new London Plan gives us a clear, concise vision of how we can make this happen."